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Author XandoToaster
Tags author:xandotoaster jumping rockets unrated
Created 2016-07-10
Last Modified 2016-07-10
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Description I made this today. It's the first map I've made in a while that I've been pretty happy with. Search 135BTBLL to find it on v2.


I'll advertise this one more time: shomman and I are running a highscoring contest on v2, and we could still use some more maps. We would love if any 1.4 mappers wanted to help out with this.

A couple people mentioned before that they were interested, but if anybody else wants to get in on this, message me or shomman over the forums and/or reply here.

The only requirement is that the map is possible in Nv2. We would need the map sometime in the next 5 weeks.

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Great homing turret placement!


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Demo Data

AGD -2

because I suck apparently
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