From A Tourist's Perspective

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map unrated
Created 2016-07-20
Last Modified 2016-07-20
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Description Hello newcomer! Welcome to the big city, there's so much to explore and so little time. Make your way through the buildings, stopping to collect enough money to pay for your train fare back home, and don't forget that if you don't visit all four attractions, you won't be allowed to leave.

(PS don't mind the locals. If you leave 'em alone they'll do the same.)

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I enjoyed this a lot!
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Also I didn't find out about p4k fest until Sunday, the only day I wasn't in Chicago. :/

aidiera were you at p4k fest


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It's not meant to be "hard" or "good", I was just feeling creative. agd.
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nice tiles, but not very challenging
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it's alright

not too much to it
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first try agd

its ok
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Very fun map. I liked how you used the drones. They were close enough that I had to keep my eye on them, but they were never a serious threat. Nice aesthetic and a pleasant light feel.

It kind of reminds me of being a tourist in a big city. Threats are obviously going to be around, but if you follow the main tourist paths then you'll be fine.

Very very good level. Saved.
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