the moon, a palace

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Author Hyteriux
Tags author:hyteriux minesnbbs rated themoonapalace
Created 2017-08-09
Last Modified 2017-08-09
by 5 people.
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Description to all the wanderers, dreamers, all the space cadets, and vagabonds, direct your starry eyes to the universe above. our palace awaits.

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Loved it, beautiful tileset, smooth gameplay (although I didn't bother to get most of the gold)!

some gold demo

nice, it has this oldschool feel, reminds me of maps circa 2009, bank heist especially. I loved the moon room and the first couple of jumps. that gold guarded by zap drones was fucking hard, though, it feels much too cramped with all the mines and the floorguard. your maps are sexy, though, that's for sure
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I'm not home rn so cannot give full gameplay feedback, but I like the aesthetic design of the map.


intricate without being frustrating
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that ending was so close
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