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Author ska
Tags action author:ska flow metanet otium ska unrated
Created 2018-07-28
Last Modified 2018-07-28
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Description I got inspired.

Dedicated to EddyMataGallos, whose dedication to my back catalogue is greatly appreciated.

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hey bruv

tried to PM you on the forums and sent you a friend request on FB. Gonna need maps from you by midnight PST on 4/20 (today) if you're gonna participate in the retile comp. Otherwise I'm gonna have to drop you from the contestant list. If things came up and you can't join, no worries!
In this level [] you... you jumped... and... wha... how? How is this possible?

I myself like ska (the music). In fact, I play tenor sax in a ska band called The Skalastix. I also recently wrote a piece that I hope to record soon.

Cool map, by the way.

I have a question.

Did you deliberately name your user after Jamaican dance music?

And here's a speedrun, mainly a slight modification of the hs route.
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Said and done, I appreciate the ded man, classic ska style that I enjoy too.
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I'm not sure if this is the fastest route, but it was the one I had designed the map around. Sub-1300 would be impressive. You could probably do it by executing a couple of triple jumps. There might even exist the possibility of a corner jump in the top-right corner.
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