0-4.a defuser

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Author DW40
Tags 0 author:dw40 sol unrated
Created 2019-11-12
Last Modified 2019-11-12
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0-4.a defuser []
0-4.b companion []
0-4.c disorder []
0-4.d deceptivus []
0-4.e coaxes []

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100% run :o
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A nice

Little SR for fun
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sub-1000 AGD :P

Really really

Love this. More than one route for the HS and here's the one I chose. Not fully optimized; will most likely clean it up later on.
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here's my well deserved AGD
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good, if u can't do it u don't deserve the treasure lolol
it's still a bit too touch-tight for me to wanna try many times, especially since you have to do it again to get out

this bit?
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that jump to enter the top gold room is a real bummer tho, i can't get it for the life of me