psychic slicer

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Tags author:palemoon unrated
Created 2020-07-04
Last Modified 2020-07-04
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Description Greetings once again. I have some more maps to post, beginning with this one.

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whats up dude


I like the way you used doors. Excellent tiles.
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are the best apples ive ever seen.

maps good too!

a̶n̸ ̸a̴p̴p̶l̶e̴ ̸a̶ ̷d̶a̶y̶

You've always made the weirdest, most interesting maps. Faved.

blast from the past

welcome back, here's a demo. I think that stacked gold + chaingun has some interesting possibilites
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Cool map, tiles are fun. Chaingun has good coverage. I like the gauss interaction with right hand side. nice!
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