Get Knotted (Tileset Madness!)

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized incomplete rated
Created 2006-01-15
Last Modified 2006-01-15
by 36 people.
Map Data

Description He told them to get knotted,
It means get f-ed but nice.
That means you still have the moral high ground.
You've gotta make the most of the time you're alloted,
You've gotta step up and say get knotted get knotted get knotted!

For the tileset madness contest.

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Similar map
but i made an art out of this.


5/5 and faved


It doesn't look like anyone else has made a map out of this, bummer.

So here's my effort....I hope you like heavy editing:P

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it formica.



As much as I love Formica's maps, I still don't think this TILESET should be in ranks of "My Hero" and "Dragon Portrait"

Hah... I'll try.

(With the race map.)


and that booted it up to 4.5 average
but it deserves a five...:(
Oh well...will you make any more race maps PLEASE?

I love the Crazy miner one sooo much....please, please, please?


why are you so good at tile sets!
the only one problem is that little area of rope that has no holes in it. It looks a little bit out of place though i doubth there was not space you could open up in it

It's nice

But there's something about it that erks me.


The description was mind numbing but the nart mad me tongue tied!!!!