Last true amateur series- Boxing Match

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-03-31
Last Modified 2006-04-23
by 13 people.
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Description Sorry about the lack of maps posted for a while- still, there's a good reason for this...

Anyway, I recently replayed a map of mine, wondering why it had such a low rating...

Then I realised it was because the map, you know, sucked and was incredibly annoying to play, and, in general, not fun at all. Heck, I hated the map, and *I* made it.

So, it's now deleted and submitted as this- an easier, less annoying version. It's probably my most difficult of my "The Last True Amatuer Series" series to date, but still relatively easy.

Anyway. Enjoy, and look forward to some new maps from me rather soon...

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Poor gameplay

This level was challenging, but not fun whatsoever. The tileset was great, but I didn't like playing it.

This is the only level in your series that I think sucks. (sorry :-))



I love this map. Absolutely wonderful.
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Not all gold

Very easy imo lol. 4.5.
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It's a bit easy,

Oh man...

I kid.


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at the start there is a rounded edge, whilst all other edges are pointy.


Just wow, i just love the tileset O_o