Sugar and Spice

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Author Methodic
Tags action author:methodic playable rated
Created 2006-04-01
Last Modified 2006-04-01
by 16 people.
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Description Pretty challenging. 00-3. Dedicated to Nevermore for his inspirational inspiration (<-- lol). Very open to suggestions. Probably will revise and resubmit based on suggestions. Enjoy.

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realy fun as a map. not so fun as 00-3- more like pain fully hard. so as a episode map 3.5- if it was not a episode this wouldn't be a problem- unless you purposfully making this a realy hard group of episodes, turn down the hardness for the begining.


this new style you have is quite awesome, nice change! 5/5


You flatter me :D.


AGD! Bloody hard. Id say it was more difficult than stare me down :) You really can be an evil bastard at times ;-)

Great fun, great challenge, and i really liked this tileset.
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only a four from me
too hard for an 00 and it the giant middle style thing doesn't fit with me too well...might be because im not the best N player, but wtf


Thanks. Nice demo. Looking forward to that AGD.


Got a speedy one. Now to struggle for a AGD :)

Excellent level bye the way.
Demo Data


I know I can count on you for awesome demos :).


The biggining is utterly maddening. I will persevere :)
Hope you enjoy it. You inspire a lot of my maps.


Thanks, guy.
You rawk.

very, very nice.

Although it was not perfect in my opinion, it was fun, great rocket-dodging, simplistic, but still a great tileset and great fun to play... 4.5/5. and faved. Good job man!