Kid You'll Move Mountains

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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized featured one-ways playable rated rockets seuss tunnels
Created 2006-04-07
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 31 people.
Map Data

Description Shortcuts galore; take advantage of them. Mind the rocket, it has a tendency to follow you into the tunnels.

This map was featured on 2013-04-06

Kid You'll Move Mountains is a classic stepself map -- elegant structure masking lots of planning, simple but effective gameplay, and a cohesive aesthetic look. It has the added bonus of being laced with more paths than you would assume if you were just going off of the linear placement of the tunnels and one-ways.

I do have to wonder what stepself would think if he knew we were still talking about him six years later. — flagmyidol

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damnit AP!

I knew that was possible too... nice run :D,_you'll_move_mountains.jpg/185px-Kid,_you'll_move_mountains.jpg


stepself moves mountains.
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absolute classic...

I remember the title...
here's that sub 1000 agd you've been waiting for:
Demo Data


Sub-1000 is possible for those better than me. I didn't get any enjoyment from this; it turned into a chore.
Demo Data


Found a neat strategy. This took a HELL load of time to get.
Demo Data


Demo Data

Demo Data


simple yet difficult


Demo Data

amazingly good.

just awesome. one of the best maps I've ever played...

5 and fav.

Great tileset, and I'm a sucker for maps that use one enemy to its maximum potential.

Great great map.


all gold

. . .
Demo Data

Death demo

Of an unconventional route. Takes advantage of a few shortcuts, but it's difficult to pull off quickly, especially the first one.
Demo Data

i missed two gold

but i'm fastest if this was high scores...
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Actually, your all-gold works fine... nice stuff!


Your demo is borken! Probably because I changed one mine ;)
If you delete the mine you dies on, the rest of the demo plays fine (until you die, of course)


Demo Data

I deaded.

I laugheded.

Best map evar. Well, in a long time at least. 5/5
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No shortcuts.
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