Get Out

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Author radupascariu
Tags action author:radupascariu playable rated
Created 2006-04-19
Last Modified 2006-04-20
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description There are alot of enemies, it makes it harder, i like the map and find it hard...good luck, this is a resubmission because my map got sniped, and just so you know, this map is made so that it has perfect timing on when the rocket comes, and when the drone hits and everything! if you find the pattern its quite easy =)

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is it just me, or is this not possible?

nice job....

I think this level is awesome, its very hard though. Hey sry, but i dont have a demo on my home computer. Also i had a problem w/ sniping and havent been able to make any more maps...


problem, but someone sniped me, i think this again is killing numa...and its really annoying


^^ Thanks for the rating on my template and for making a great level out of it. Difficult but very fun to play on. :)

if there are any

demos, EVER! please send them, i wanna see if anyone can finish it


my Flaillen (sorry)


by Fleillen