Evil Eye

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Author topolord
Tags author:topolord playable race rated
Created 2006-04-25
by 18 people.
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Description this level took me ages to finish, but I think it runs pretty well. It\'s relitivally hard, but quite posible. I have a demo myself.

thanks to all the great race-making map-makers whose work has been useful, specifically

-Bouncebackability by TheAdster

-Silver pillars 2 by MARIJNENANDRIES

-HAl 9000 by myself, for certain elements of style

Hope you like the level

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hmm, lost a bit of rating there though
Like the map :)


really has gone down the crapper. It took me 5 pages of searching to find a decent map being this one, and thats 10 minutes of my life gone down the drain. at first it was just the absurdly low quality of maps being churned out like reverse digestion flowing ever so freely from the mouth that is a plethora of new users not trying to submit anything any better than the rest of the inadequatecy found around here, but oh no, lo and behold they surprise me yet again by taking up a new fad- not just any fad- one about penises. Good God newbies, if you're gonna start a fascination with a sexual body part, atleast make it a female one, or, even better, the next obsession with a sexual organ you feel coming on, and the next time you're gonna make a map inspired purely by this and a clear lack of any effort; don't.
(read in the voice of Dr Cox, and its that much more effective)
Good map, 4.5/5
Diamond in the rough-ly thought out if at all pile of rubbish coming around these days.

Awsome level

One of the biggest and most confusing races iv seen, but still excellent.


I'm gonna ignore the penises stuff.


Here is a completed demo if you are having trouble. :)
Demo Data


theres heaps of almost penises.
balls and rods everywhere.
its like a picasso.

uh oh

i exploded far too early.
forgive me, that was terrible.
Demo Data


top right corner, on its back.


There is no penis. period.

Unlike Blue here

I'm having trouble seeing it. Could you please explain what portion of the map the penis is in?
You have to turn your head a little to really see what it is. Well done. 5 out of 5.


there is a serious lack of reproductive organs... Ill give it shot anyway ;)

one thing for you

watch out for the fadsters.

And im gone...