Another Frustarating Maze

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-07-01
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Another one of my door eries. Took bout 4 hours making it and i got lost wile testing it.

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I agree with most of these people but seince ur arts are good and this looked allright (althogh there was alot of back tracking)


it isn't as bad as everyone else is making it seem... I think, though there is a bit much backtracking. But then... I was killed by a door! And I didn't feel like playing it again.
Demo Data

I am actually planning to make a maze level similar to this, but without any backtracking. i would do 4/5 because of the effort you put into it... but i am going to lower it to 3/5 for backtracking.

The ninja...

is in the middle of the map.

where tha hell

is the ninja!?!


no data in the text box

Also ...


I intentionaly made the back tracking.


you are making dda's and actions and other things, why are you looking at puzzles? Most puzzles are going to be hard and posibly take a lot of your time.

Well, guess what?!?

It said "Another Frusterating Maze"! If it said something like that, and you tryed my other map "Frusterating Maze", you would have known that this would have been a very long map.


No matter what, the lowest rating I will give any Door eerie is 2/5 because i know the amount of time put into it. But today I had to lower my standards to accomadate your map. your map was so acrid, unimaginative, bland, boring, and full of backtracking I had to quit before I was done. I had to sit there and try to figure out which door my key had unlocked. No dooreerie should do that to you. I have never really enjoyed your maps, and this one does nothing to increase my liking. I'm sorry I had to be so harsh, but never make a Dooreerie again. I will never regain the 10 minutes I spent playing your level.

this is the most...

annoying level i have ever played! way to much back thrackinG!!!!!