"We're knights of the round table!"

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Author Psycho_CO
Tags author:psycho_co playable race rated
Created 2006-09-03
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description race/action hybrid

random title

very fun map

I want to see AGD's people!

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flow for first half

to beat this map youll still have to play it as an action at some points

try to get farther from the rocket before getting to the second half though
Demo Data

its ok

wasnt very flowy... but i might just be missing the flow :/ overall it was definitly above average... solid 3.5
I can't find the flow.

Don't bother about the sniper, leave them alone.


i do believe this map has been sniped

message to sniper:why? why do you always need to just rate 0's? why do you waste you life away putting people down just cause they can make a better map than you can? no really, why do you WASTE YOUR LIFE trying to put me down?

your pathetic

Nice map

fairly flowy, but the gold seems to be a bit random. Nice gameplay.