The Trickle of Water

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue playable race rated
Created 2006-09-22
Last Modified 2008-07-23
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Description 16-4 from the CC.

(With a slight edit for an extra challenge.)

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fantastic map...

the structure was excellend and the concept was beautiful. 4, mainly because of the lack of any gold ;_;
That doesn't detract from the fact that the definition of race isn't a subjective thing.
I don't think this is a race. It's my opinion. If you can't accept that I have opinions that differ from yours, you've got some serious ego issues.
This is exactly the kind of shallow thinking that puts 'race' in such a rut.

Look up the definition of the word and have a proper think about it...


I get what your sayin by a race.

Very fun. 4aved

This isn't a race.

It's an action map with a time limit.

cheers xdude_

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I'm glad we worked together on the CC. :)


haha, thanks.

I must add... I used a little bit of fbf during the falling part.


Great run, xdude_

Although it seems too easy now ;p


An average of 5 with 6 ratings. You are a god.

i love it




Demo still improvable...

5aved man, just incredible.
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@ Romaniac

This was would be tons faster.
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It's possible. I die in the demo though. =[
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This is cool.

Since NUMA has been down, all the awesome mapmakers are submitting at once.

4.5 from me

is it possible?

i get to the end and the drone is there
I know you have to go fast but it must be really frickin fast
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