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Formica is the best!



Fast death demo

...I have beaten it before, but I forgot to record. >(
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If I do this bad, am I a noob? lol Very nice!
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After the first part it starts to get a bit more annoying and less fluid. But great map anyways! 4.5/5


really god map. i enjoyed it to play

151.65 sec

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Very impressive. I was playing this map so much I forgot to do my homework and got detention.


Nice work, I like this map, 5/5 from me, you earned it.

Also, its one of my favourite maps, took me a couple of tries but still good.

Oh silly skyline!

I was merely jesting. Poking fun at the people who were talking about the NUMA company.

People take me too seriously.


Why were you even trying that in the first place!!??

@ Formica

I think this is really good but a little awkward in some places. A lot of your other races are better. However gets a 5 because this is reall nice looking and better then most races.


i fyou look closely cross your eyes hold you finger in the middle of the map and squint, you can see something that looks like a crazy face


this map is the best race map i've ever played!!!

i love when it falls and doesn't gets hi by any mine!!!!

the first time i got to the exit the mine on the floor right next to the door killed me!!!! 5aved!

this was good

i think this was creative, fun, and a little challenging. i gave it a 5/5. why was it called The Crazy Miner.
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...turtle comments again...


It was fun, really much. However, I was only able to solve then giv jump between the mines by watching the demos, I don't know how I was supposed to know that. Fun, though, really fun
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This is one of my favorite races ever (which I have yet to beat because I'm not good). I love how there is an "underground section" where the tiles are, and an "aboveground section" where the mines are. Amazing level.

First of all, NUMA isn't a company. It's a website. Also, NUMA doesn't create the levels on the game. That would be metanet. Third, Formica made this level. That's why it's in the userlevels section.

Very nice.

A classic. I love the jumping off of trap-doors.

You should be ashamed of yourself for stealing the NUMA Company's levelmap!

It's still a brilliant level.
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Wow, just wow. Real hard for me.


rly fav map

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nice and flowy

just the way i like em =P
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On userlevels. But now that I finally use NUMA, I got this demo, and rate this map a 5/5.
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one of my favorites.

Well Done.

This is a great example of a race map for anyone who wants to make one for the first time. And I woud also like to add that anyone that calls Metanet the NUMA company should be dragged into a dark alley and shot. No offense.

i'm lovi'n it

this map is my favurite map! its so fast and fun 5 ninjas


this is one of my all time favourite race maps, and since i'm am yet to finish it i'm hooked, i came soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close but i died on the mine next to the door grrrrrrrrrrrrr but still great map 5/5


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this is

my favorite level out of all of them

outstanding work


the trapdoor part

is too annoying
cheatable, too


I liked this map! Especially during the beginning, where there's all those loops.


NUMA stands for N User Map Archive, metanet is the company comprised of Mare & Raigan

n00bs must be shot

@marioman64 and davidafett:

its not "numa company" its metanet (stands for N User Map Archive), which are comprised of Mare & Raigan, and they didnt make this map, formica did, Mare & Raigan just liked it enough to include it in the userlevels on the game, ie, that means its GOOD



My m8's continueuosly play dis map no mata how many times they complete it... and so do i. 5/5


Of COURSE they are user level!
No, they just come in the U S E R L E V E L S file because they thought the name sounded funny!

hey person

just because a map made it into the release doesn't mean the Numa company made it. I think they put really good maps that OTHER people make in the user levels.


is so dumb! You just copied that from the numa guide. If you download the game, you get like the liscense, NED guide, troubleshooting and stuff, and at the NED guide this level was there. The NUMA company made this level.
One of the best!!

amazingly fun!

sweet map
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