You Run A Tight Ship, Sky Captain.

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Author rennaT
Tags action author:rennat bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2007-02-18
Last Modified 2007-02-19
by 32 people.
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Description Auri Sacra Fames. You can rate this one!

This map was featured on 2009-09-26

You Run A Tight Ship, Sky Captain,
Y'all know what's happ'nin.
I'ma write this review,
jus' so I can rap it to you.
This map's got mines,
this sounds like sommin' I can get behindz.
This map's got gold,
trust me, this shi' won't get old.
S'got a groovin' layout,
that'll make me wanna break out .
Golds and mines strewn 'bout in lines.
Yo, 'nuff mah rappin',
and play this sick mappin'. — sept

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I do not care much for the map really. 3/5


that was an awesome review and an ingenuic map. get some taste, will ya.

good map, awesome review
You've already commented two times before.

I'm being honest.

It's a terrible review for a terrible map. Fits quite nicely I think.
Sept be bringin' the magic

stop whining




Haha, this isn't half bad considering who made it :p
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But if I use normal scale to rate it, this only gets a 3.
Nice review sept, but bad map choice.
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I found the awkward tiles to be more annoying than challenging.
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when I am not so drowsy.

I have a feeling..

that tonight's gonna be a good night.

No wait.. I have a feeling that this is going to play like a poorly done 80's remix.
Yo, 'nuff mah rappin'

I love that poem.

there should be more poem reviews here..
The map is also cool, neat, but nothing groundbreaking. the 8-tiles are just sloppy.
it's a solid 4.

fantastic review

good map


gameplay off the itles was challenging 4/5
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I wish you had also recorded yourself rapping this. I would have listened to it on repeat as I played the map.

I love the review.

And the map is incredible.


Look at that old forum link!




now i will award myself with an icecream
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after the line that's all, "make me wanna break out" there should be in parenthesis right after it, "of prison just so I can play it" but I used square brackets, and didn't realize they would disappear until it was too late! :<

great review though ;]

it's ugly but gameplays somewhat alright

rather dfficult to reach the top left area


This was actually really fun. Why aren't there 5 votes yet?


My first bitesize. I'm pretty much flying.
It's pretty quick though, until I try to get those three pieces on the way to the exit.
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HAS SOUL! Put the trap door back in, and I love this map.

Heads up.

There's a # at the end of the data, and it NAN's the trap door.