The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead

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Author rennaT
Tags action author:rennat playable unrated
Created 2006-12-26
Map Data

Description We the dead, we the dead find a country road
Country road, lead the dead from our homes to the ground
Keep a book of the maggots our bodies will snare
'Cause the earth is the earth, no need to travel in the air

The CN Tower is built upon our bones!
The CN Tower will always be our home!

Decorate 'round the base, all the graves of our lost loves
Cabbages, ginger root and a crucifix

Never rode on the plains, never thought I couldn't stay
Had a good run anyway, had a good run anyway
I could fill up the lake with all the things I didn't say
Had a good run anyway, had a good run anyway

From the top of the tower
Radio buzz in our ears
We can see your house from here

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Lovely map!
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New demo

My last one was criticized.
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...Not 4/5. You disabled the ratings :(
Excellent map. 4/5
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All Gold

beat that.
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beat that.
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seems i didn't copy that last demo properly. should have been 1018 frames.


must sub-1000!
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Demo Data


Fun level. I especially like how the one ways made me go through the rocket again >.<

I don't know how to post or record a demo, so I won't.
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Demo Data


really fun. the top part with the switches was interesting, as was the floorguard-door part.
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Wedgie could beat it =p
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I am trying to move away from whether the map was good or bad and move towards whether the next map will be good or bad.

Constructive criticism, please.


not bad i suppose.
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Feels very puzzle-y to me. I haven't actually made it past the rocket, but I have played the whole map.

Beautiful song

Decent map, a little clunky though. Ratings disabled? Since when?