Gasoline Rainbows on the Streets

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Author MidnightGetaway
Tags author:midnightgetaway bitesized featured puzzle rated
Created 2007-03-02
Last Modified 2008-01-14
by 51 people.
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Description --Innovative'esque--

At least, I'm pretty sure it's new. Inform me if otherwise. Well, take a whack at this baby.

This map was featured on 2009-01-18

MidnightGetaway [] has used two average concepts to create a stunning, innovative, puzzle-action hybrid. Everyone will be familiar with the reverse thwump lift and floating floorguards, but used together they provide a deadly and dangerous combination. And, setting off more than one thwump at a time could prove deadly in the long run. Used together with the main concept, this map will deliver a unique experience, leaving you wanting for more. — numa_ninja

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A much faster demo.
Demo Data

I liked it

It was nice and laid back, beat it second try. 4.6
make the map awesome, unfortunately, I wasn't able to unlock to doors =/

faved. deja deserved this feature without a doubt.

I've seen a better

execution of this concept. It was way back, I can't remember the map :/


Still love this map.

Definitely deservig

the concept is good, but the map as a whole could be bettered
It's also in my faves.

I remember this

It's already in my faves.
I found this a couple of months ago and faved it, and I still love it. Glad other people can love it as well.

Faved 5/5

this is awesome and eganic I keep thinking your other people

already had this faved

sooo clever

really cool ideas

jumping through the floorguards on the way up was really cool

Agree with atob

Great concept regardless of the actual quality. I'm definitely wanting for more, though.

Very fun

Just a bit too long and tedious as others have said. Still another strong 4. And faved. ^^


This was a lot of fun. My replay is slow, but I was having fun, not just going for speed. I wish I had thought of this idea. Having the floorguards in the air pushed it to the next level. Keep experimenting, find more things like this!
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that made me wow. I've not seen it used so precisely before. It works really well as a mechanic. The level itself is very dull, but if shrunk this could be something truly special, imo.

Didn't like it.

I don't see what's so innovative about using three old concepts together. Also, tedious.
That's great if others like it, but I just don't get the appeal.

fun, too long.



But nevertheless an interesting concept. 4/5

Extremely good

deffinately worth bitesize



It felt more like a demonstration of a concept with a level tacked on, except that I don't see the innovation anywhere, unless you're referring to the combination of three different things. The fun-ness level had my brain saying "eh."



i like this one by far the best of your 'innovatory' maps. how strange that i posted a thwump rising thing on the same night. yours totally and completly owns mine though. great job.

awesome man

awesome 4.5/5

dammit hahah

all gold non completion
Demo Data
ttt... drool. 5aved.

Love it

Awesome thing on the bottom. 5aved(sized) but it was already :P
The actual gameplay is a little too drawn out to be really fun, imo.

I can't rate lower than a 4, regardless. It really is a great idea.


Really nice.


As always.
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