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Author Zorn
Tags author:zorn bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-06-03
by 52 people.
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Description I won't be able to make any more maps for a while. This should keep you busy. Don't bother waiting till you complete it; Submit demos of whatever
you were able to get through.

This map was featured on 2014-10-11

Notorious, transitory, mysterious, capricious and artful; all astute terms one could use to describe the phenomenon that was Zorn. I believe “Lacunae” needs a disclaimer: this map will not be able to be completed by most players. It is malevolently vexing and brutally difficult, but most of all, it is beautiful. Lacunae requires a broad and robust skill set; moreover, it requires unyielding patience. Also, look out for the hidden skull: perhaps it’s an omen? — ska

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atramentis ran over him while he was riding his bike. RIP.

is zorn still alive guys?

well i suck at this game now but i got to the rocket on my first try so that's nice
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and yes, the horned skull is fucking damn awesome!


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needs a demo


Here a demo

Still working on this..
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would make any total addict to N hate the game with all their soul. Good job.=]


Yea its amazing

A little further...

I've gotten to the chaingun drone, but don't have a demo yet. Made it past the thwump here.
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Really nice. 4/5

furthest so far.

Wow. another astounding map. At first I thought the beginning was really dumb, but after playing it for a while it is really growing on me. I think if I just keep on a bit more I can definately beat this level... way to go man, really neat stuff. The tileset isn't quite as nice as your others, but it gets the job done.
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