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Author mc_george
Tags action author:mc_george playable rated
Created 2007-04-24
by 8 people.
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Description A very happy birthday to xdude! Happy 21st, mate!

This is a simple map, hopefully not that hard for you guys. An all gold demo shouldn't be too much of a ask. Getting the switch needs a little timing though. I'm not sure if the thwumps should be there either. Comments welcome.


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its fun!

oh burn

Demo Data

Great map! Thanks.

At least I know someone apreciates me around here. :)

And thanks for making me feel young, guys. :P

Here's an all gold

The floor guard part isn't /that/ hard to get past, you know.
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o right forgot

start, great

guard and gold... ok gets kinda annoying, i would of rathered the guard to have one more tilespace to move around in 3.5
*cries in a corner*


heh, im 15 :P
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21....21st?? 0_0

no way!
I like the phrase "too much of a ask"
I can't play on this comp, looks fun, so I'll fave it, play, rate and comment later.