Ready, Set, Jump!!!

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Author Terroristzero
Tags action author:terroristzero playable rated
Created 2005-06-05
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I didn't really know what catagory this would go under, so i just put it as action.
It isn't really a challenging map, the challenge comes from getting all the gold. See if you can get all the gold. Gimme demos

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it is possible to get that switch nevermore; you just have to jump off the slanted tile in between the two rocket tubes. Actually, it is only necessary to get the top switch, so the other one is almost superfluous - I just got it for the heck of it.
Demo Data


I screwed up.

Check this out.
Demo Data


You can't get the top switch near the bottom.
Oh well, i'll re-do that....

i agree

the out of centre column messes with my head...


It's not centralized! It burns!!

Move the central corridor to the middle plz. Turn on the grid to see where the middle is.

And I know

that the middle is ugly, i just didn't know what to put there.