Disappearing Platforms

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Author usaswim
Tags author:usaswim playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-05-30
Last Modified 2007-05-30
by 8 people.
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Description I think it's categorized as puzzle, might be action.

Well, I guess I'm back to map-making because it's summer vacation, but I won't be making as many maps as before. I'll only submit my best maps :D

Make sure you land in the middle of the platforms, otherwise you might slip through.

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Check out this...

It's weird. Just look at the demo.
Nice map, 4/5
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Very cool GP.
interesting !
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Dammit I slipped

Well, here's an 85% demo. The other 15% is pretty easy. I made a pretty sexy corner jump off a door (not a locked door) :P
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@turtle - It's totally uncheatable. It doesn't matter if you can make it to the exit or not. You still don't have the exit switch :lol:
its a really ncie concept. i would have liked it better if the path was alittle more obvious. 4/5
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How is that cheating? I've checked for cheatability on this, and it's totally uncheatable. There are some things that look like cheating, but they're meant to be there, to avoid the gauss.


Unique. Now go make another race :P



very cheatable

but, other than that, quite fun
cheat demo, not completion

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