Enter Tanned-Man

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang featured playable race rated
Created 2008-04-18
by 55 people.
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Description Race. Have some fun.

This map was featured on 2008-07-30

This, is what I consider to be the pinnacle of race. Sure, there aren't any chainguns that needlessly fire bullets into empty space or lasers which only kill you if you're off the pace.

This is you, the clock, some floorguards, and a technical (rather than fast) flow, which is the guest list for one heck of a rave.


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Lots of fun :)

The flow is great, but there was this corner jump to go for so I couldn't resist taking a shortcut ;)
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Plays nice

looks nice
not too difficult
liked it

loved it


Really good race.





5aved for sure
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So weird

and really good.


But not fast tho... Great Map, BTW! Loved it! 5/5
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I would not consider either absract. Opinions don't require mini-campains when your goal has already been reached
How would I go about it, though? A quick check of the site turned up nothing.

Also, with school and, worse, band starting soon, I may not exactly have an abundance of time. That shouldn't be much of a problem, though, as reviewers don't have to do a write-up daily...

Last of all, will it be a problem that I have very few maps of my own?


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but enjoyable when you got it.
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Yes, we've seen most of it all before in all regards, but with the loopy race type this is especially so. The thing is, the gameplay for those types is mostly identical: Hold direction, jump in the designated spot, repeat, fin.

The point being: it's the most done to death style on NUMA (DDAs aside), and regardless of how well new ones are made we can preempt the experience they'll offer. That's why users pass them over/comment as they do. It's just old hat; Semi-automated loops can only be fun for so long.

(sorry to go on... perhaps we should take this to the forum?)

Anyway, you really should apply for a reviewer slot, I think you'd be great at it.
I think that perhaps there is a slight bias against loopy maps, because the veteran members have seen them so many times before and just want something different, even if it isn't really "better".

But there is no need to create an us versus them mentality, pigthief.
Thanks mintnut, you give my maps a heap of attention.

No hard feelings

This is definitely a good map, but it seems that in every race comment page, loopy maps are condemned incessantly. Excellent loopy maps are rated poorly. That, astheoceansblue, is what my "mini-campaign" is about. Of course, the lack of a top-rated page makes it matter less... But so many maps that should be featured are passed by simply for being loopy. It's infuriating.

Regardless, sorry if I turned your comments page into a bit of a battleground. Good job on the feature.
Your assumption of such a title and your statement that a "noob" must make an abstract, non-loopy race to become a "master" are really quite pompous. I understand preference towards these maps - you may have whatever opinion you please - but don't try to speak for all of the intelligent people on NUMA.
I really needed an example. Same for wulfgang. Great map.


i commend thee for writing this feature. whether you realize it or not, it demonstrates clearly to everyone on numa that the best races, at least in the eyes of the elite, are abstract races. it also puts the situation in a very black-and-white stance: if any noob wants to become recognized and good at making races, he/she will make a nonloopy race with abstract/buttery flow, emulating the masters. i think what you've done here is set the bar for newbie racemakers. you've set it at the right place. i commend you for it.

mintnut: i never said the race was bad, nor did pigthief.
psychosnail: i disagree that most bad races are loopy. that most newer loopy races are bad is true.
atob: i agree that loopy races have become the standard, and shouldn't be. but people often say about my races: "too loopy", like it can't be good if it has loops. wrong. and many loopy races can be innovative too.


But it's so entertaining!

I agree with mintnut, personally.

Now, now.

Let's not argue. There has been more than enough arguing over featured maps.
Basically, running up curves of 6, 7 and 1 tiles, and landing in more curves, and quite a lot of the time with awkward jumps off one ways doors and trapdoors. The more abstract races tend to try and factor in as many unused ideas as possible, whilst still keeping a fast-as-you-can linear route. I just find them more engaging to play.

Side notes: Psycho Snail, how can you say the flow was too easy to find, it is in almost all races, and races without easily identifiable flow are often disregarded.

Pigthief, I still consider this to be a masterpiece, I'd like to know why it shouldn't be considered a masterpiece; it's brilliant, at least in my eyes.


Mostly, people don't hate on loopy races just because. It's more that they don't like how the loopy race has become such a standard.

Not bad, but the flow was too easy to figure out and execute for me.
The flow was unique, though, and I liked the aesthetics. 4/5 from me.

The reason people hate loopy races is that the majority of the bad races are loopy. Non-loopy races tend to be better, but that doesn't mean that loopy races aren't good.
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"though some loopy maps are far superior to this, this is featured."

This is all entirely subjective, what good is this mini-campaign of yours going to achieve?

I've said it a few times already: you want the maps you like to be featured, apply for a position. You're obviously more than capable of the criteria.

Also, flagmyidol, no one person can be 'right' when it comes to taste. Read what I wrote to pigthief, please, it applies to you too.

Less complaining, more positive interaction.

You sillies.

This is a great race. The jumps are fun and original. Sometimes loopyness is good but no one makes races like this anymore. 5/5 Very nice job.

pigthief's right

many are the "loopy" maps i would feature over this. if we had had the featured maps page two years ago, loopy maps would have been all over the place. now there is something of a bias.


but I dont like the flow, im a fan of blinding fast levels.
ex:"truth in lies"

No irony here

I never said that most loopy maps are above average. This map beats most of them hands down. But though some loopy maps are far superior to this, this is featured. The flood of bad loopy maps make the great ones under-appreciated... So this run-of-the-mill map is considered incredible.

I second mintnut.

This race is such an experience to play.


But this is such a better experience to play! There's so much more skill involved, you have to play the level well, rather than just go through the motions. Loopy races are very rarely fun to play, and just blend into each other, play one, you've played them all. Find a map which feels like this in the same way.

It's so annoying to hear people calling this boring, it's got a great aesthetic, a flow which involves actual thinking, and is stripped down to the point where only the essentials are kept. Personally, I had't had this much fun playing a map for ages.


I have to second what you said. Not fun. :(


This "loopy"-hate hive mentality allows average maps like this to be considered masterpieces, simply on virtue that they are far from loopy. But honestly, it wasn't flowy, and not especially fun to play. It's not a bad map... But there are many "loopy" races that I would have featured before this.


Three frames faster

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Three frames faster

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