Triple threat

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Author Dead_N
Tags action author:dead_n drone-mod featured hard lasers playable rated
Created 2008-05-26
Last Modified 2008-05-26
by 31 people.
Map Data

Description Another laser drone mod map by me ;)
If you can AGD this, you are officially awesome.

This is a DED to xaeler for AGD on my previous drone mod map

This map was featured on 2008-06-16

Upon looking at the thumbnail of the map, you think that it is not a very nice looking level, however, when you look up at the rating, you will see it currently has a perfect score. When loading the level up, you suddenly see why it has this rating. Dead_N has managed to make an incredibly innovative map using the drone mod functions of Nreality. Specifically, he has used lasers to manufacture a timed door, something many N players have been lusting after for years. This is an incredible level, and to you Dead_N, I say bravo. — squibbles

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I'm sorry, I'd better resign as a reviewer...I was unaware that the job included having to have seen every single map, and be completely void of personal opinion.


A map can be built roughly and the gameplay can shine, that's not what I meant. For gameplay to shine the map has to be built to a certain degree of quality in that all the right tiles/objects have to be in the right places for it to play well in the first place.

I'm not talking quality of actual aesthetics.


I [] think [] squibbles [] may []
be []
blind [] when he says that 'manufacture a timed door, something many N players have been lusting after for years.' when those levels clearly have.

Aside from all that, don't know what to rate, really. I found the only enjoyable part was the bottom, and the rest looked n00bish.


"They may not be the style you enjoy but you'll see an obvious degree of build quality that far surpasses what's on offer here."
Yes, but the former is obviously much more important. Build quality counts for little if the map isn't enjoyable. And in any case, you have to realize that the Featured Map system is essentially the same as the bitesizing system, only it's a tad better at excluding "undeserving" maps.

As for the map, I didn't like it, and I didn't like b_t's map either. This is a good concept for a non-concept map.
it's just that (in my opinion) there was a period a while back that really raised the bar in terms of what could be expected from NED creations.

Around about inticed [], domo-kun ftw! [], etc...

Bah, I'll be quiet now.

Sorry to make such a mess all over you map, d_n.


you may be surprised to hear that i actually have featured an older map. A Formica map to be precise...It's coming up but was featured before this one.

oh, and lord day, I know you still love me :P


Agrees w/ atob

but this map is also lacking good design, thoughtful mechanics and satisfying gameplay etc...

5/5s should be reserved for the *very* best that NUMa has to offer, hold this up next to a map like 'Speak' by Nevermore, 'Advanced Robotics' by tktktk or 'plue' by Maximo and tell me you think this is 5/5 and feature material still. They may not be the style you enjoy but you'll see an obvious degree of build quality that far surpasses what's on offer here.

It *really* isn't subjective at this point, it's not about taste or style rather very obvious flaws.
But it doesn't matter. This map is a truly epic map and it is well deserving of the feature. Originality isn't everything you know.

I loved this map and gave it a five. And favorites.


It's actually called Quickswitch v2.0.

And I just noticed I screwed up the tags, too. >___________<


SkyPanda meant that Dave's <i>Quickswitch 2.0</i> should have gotten featured.

As a side note that might interest you, I went back a Featured a Lucidium map after reading an earlier rant by you on this matter.

love it

4, but I faved it as well
But not only is this map not great, but I feel that the review wasn't that well written. :/


Dude, great map.. a little to easy.


There I go ranting again and it might not even fit... which map was it supposed to be?
when considering the quality of the truly great maps on NUMA. It's not even really that subjective either, I think some of the newer authors/reviewers would truly benefit (in expectation and NED skill) from delving a little further back into the archives.

If you think really do think this is feature worthy I'd heavily recommend it.


the wrong map got featured :)
It's average, unoriginal, and insanely hard to AGD.
Sorry, but this map is not enjoyable.

OMG, it's a new concept! I've never seen it before! []

Even though it isn't an innovative thing, it's still pretty good. 3 (would be 3.5)


the idea was good, with the lasers and you race them, but beside that the rest of the map was below average. Therefore I am giving a 3.


that was epic.

pretty basic and simple but a lot harder then you think it would be, tileset is great but i don't like the doors, haha. Other then that amazing 4.5/5 rounded up to 5


could've been a lot faster, but there it is. great map.
Demo Data
One of those "... Ah ..." Moments.

Not even going to try for an AGD, but I love this Idea. The three "threats" seem a little... not "thrown together" but more kind of a bit less "refined." Quite fun, regardless.
I guess, thanks to the concept, a 5aved would work here.


Its 12:30 AM. Ive been trying for hours!
I cant do it :( I give up


I got get...
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hahahahahaha!!! lol!
im still triying AGD. Too damn hard :(




dead_n. You rock :D I wanna be like u


Theres no DED, but heres an AGD for everyone :D
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ded for fastest agd on this one?


jack-hammer! that was so close :(


That was a sick demo.

This map is very creative, well done. I like the idea lots :)


too hard... almost made it... 5/5
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Click the Ninja to the left of the map name, it will turn golden


do you know how to add to your favs in this?


That is very clever.