Flagellum Voip

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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-28
Last Modified 2005-08-28
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Puzzle-ish mine-based map. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
I love the design in general, but I'm not entirely sure about the play. I tried to do some variations on an old technique. Not sure if I succeeded or not.
Play it, and hopefully have fun. And while you're at it, comment and rate.

Edit: Fixed. Thanks Sendy.

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to dda

Death demo

Grah! I saw it coming, too. Reminds me of one of my maps, Racket. This is more difficult! But wery enjoyable, oh yes.
Demo Data

Hot damn.

Saucy map.
Demo Data

By George

I think I've got it!
You can still go faster, though.
Demo Data


Really speedy all gold demo.
It's still beatable, though.
Demo Data


Look at the frame count. It's the first number in the demo data. So no, you weren't faster.


I assume I was faster, although I was kinda tense and had to stop before starting certain parts.
Demo Data
Demo Data

didn't finish

Cool though. I'm downloading something huge, so there's too much lag to actually play a lot of it.
Demo Data

Well darn it.

I thought I had the tiles perfect. In any case, it's fixed.

1 thing:

The right C is 1 block shorter than the left C.


All gold. You can go much faster if you're really a speed demon.
Demo Data