Part 7: Our Stay at the Merzbau

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob playable rated storytime
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
by 7 people.
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Description Soon after examining the intricacies of the grand elephant saddle the ninja grew back to his normal size +/- 8 inches or so. The ninja then found himself in the place that he spent most of his childhood: The Merzbau [] . The Merzbau was in interior of a house owned by Kurt Schwitters. The decoration took place at a slow rate starting in 1923 and by 1943 it had already been destroyed by bombs. Schwitters who was mostly a painter, started off as a post-impressionist but after world war one his work gained a distinct expressionist quality. He died January 8th 1948. The world will never be the same. In fact it will remain Kurt Schwitters-less forever. Cause you know… he’s dead.

The End.


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Dedication # 7 for PsychoSnail

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Love the style. Great map!
I can't add it to the description because then it would be over 1000 characters long.
I was going for an unpolished feel. To mix things up. Rubik's and Toast were better than the others in my opinion.
because thats what i got from them...


The rest were a little unorthodox.


this one is actually really quite cool, 6 was okay, the rest were pretty bad hehe

the storylines funny though
Demo Data

Thanks =D

Hah fingers they were all submitted in one day. lol
wow, one sec, i'll start from the start and play this later
there all awesome. i dont really go on numa much anymore, but these have a cool atmosphere... peace out
Between the real Merzbau and this? Cause I sure don't see it.