The Saver Show

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Author lord_day
Tags action author:lord_day lasers nreality playable rated rotating
Created 2008-07-04
Last Modified 2008-07-04
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description It's the end of the world baby.

Use Nreality for this map.

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lol the map number

129921 backwards: 129921.

it didn't lag for me? but imo i don't think it's that good. 4/5

Play in Unreality.

It makes sense then.


Was lord_day crazy!? there are like 5 lazers all shooting at you at the same time!
without it i really like it. :D oh well, reminds me of sept w/o


its to fuckin simple

It's okay

I found it to be a rather standard implementation of rotating laser drones gameplay-wise. Plus it's aesthetically unappealing. Overall, it's not bad but it could be a lot better. 3/5

I like this map [] better for its use of the rotating laser drones.

Also, check out xaeler's run on NReality. It's incredible.
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Amazing man.

Just awesome.

faster AGD

even if just :P
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I've come back to this one a couple times to try and improve my score. So here's the fastest agd to date. Heh, almost the quickest completion too.
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thanks for your support


And a HUGE thanks to Unreality for this unbelievable mod.
While others experience none.
Sorry if you are one of the people with lag! :(

Thanks for all the great comments people.

Jesus =/

my computer hit over 2000 ms/f about 3 seconds into it...
Really well made. I like it.


I was going to make a map similar to this. Maybe I still will.
The lag is pretty terrible, though. Adding to that, NReality's not Intel-native, so the PPC emulation makes it much worse. :[[[

This is brilliant

sometimes maps get overrated just because they've used mods like this, but this is fantastic.

and an ADG
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i was wondering how long before someone makes a decent use of this rotating laser thing...

very veryyy good... 5/5 for sure
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wuved it!

One of the coolest mods ever. I think I said that to someone yesterday too. ^^;
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(very good)
Unfortunately, my computer became Lag Central, so I couln't enjoy it at all.


No Nreality atm, I'll fav this for later.

I'm looking forward to trying this out :)


:D :D :D :D


this is just amazing.
well done.
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Unfortunately, my computer became Lag Central, so I couln't enjoy it at all.
Those rotating lasers take some getting used to.


I saw your demo cerberus :) yeah lord_day is a tricky wicky

It looks like

something I really want to play, but the lag just kills my comp.


You're a tricky wicky, lord_day.
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