Bellow High Tide

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob featured nreality objectmod puzzle rated thwump
Created 2008-07-10
Last Modified 2009-01-04
by 44 people.
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Description Winner of Nrealty Map of the Year in the 2009 Dronies

"By the time their enemies noticed the sea's changing mood, the Vodalians had often shifted formation and were ready to attack."

- Sarpadian Empires, vol. V


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This map was featured on 2016-01-06

As the earthquake ceased, the ominous sound of rushing water echoed through the caverns. Suddenly, water sloshed over his feet from behind. Before he could think, it was up to his knees.

But in that moment, it was not fear that gripped him, only a heightened sense of things. Time seemed to slow down. The caverns themselves seemed to whisper their secrets to him. He saw clearly the crucial ledges to reach, the right jumps to make, and the slopes he could use to propel himself fast enough to escape these caverns alive. And in a flash, he was gone. — Nexx

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Really nice map run on board. The only trouble is you have to wait for the thwump at the end (I guess jumping through those mines isn't very feasible)

Very cool stuff

I'm happy to have gotten a completion. Even that was very intense. :D


is it something an author can do, if you have an anwser please reply on one of my maps or the forums, thnx




is pronounced "AH-meg."

With that said, one of the best maps I've ever played.

lim 1/x^n + 5
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5aved. You know why.

Very fun

I love the rush.




I fail to see any innovation. It was good, but you've done loads better.



i consider myself

to be a pretty skilled n-player as well, and after all, i completed this level. and to describe my previous comment in other words, i just observed that in some parts the timing had to be so pitch-perfect that it did not leave room for even a single unneeded jump / mistake. IMO, that limited the fun drastically.
but it's put together brilliantly. 5


well.. I don't find it hard. I guess it just depends on skill level.

Very entertaining.



revolutionary, inventive, cool and all that, but overall too hard to be really enjoyable. 4.
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The map is very nice. Demo could be faster...

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i still can't beat it




Yeah I thought so.

AGD so damn hard!!

very inventive
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was joking when i said he ripped your map off... XD


He's been reported at least 4 times already. So no need. But in the future if you see maps that are almost exactly the same report it.


This level is awesome!!!5aved

BTW, I think Jamy ripped one off you, should I report that map?

dear god!

this map is epic!
anything less than a 5 will be a sin! :D

That's really cool.

The level is ok. Lots of potential.


osm! on n reality!




THATS SICK!. thats amazing and really creative. 5/5
I dunno if I will yet though.


4 out of 5 and faved.

Play in Nreality!

Here's a demo =0
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