Premature Evacuation

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Author Yahoozy
Tags author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-08-21
Last Modified 2008-08-21
by 37 people.
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Description Probably my favorite puzzle map.

This map was featured on 2009-08-02

While this map may be easy to breeze right through for careless players, perfectionists will find themselves trapped in a complex and confusing structure that at first glance seems impossible to all-gold. Like any notable puzzle map, however, a small bit of wit and planning will provide oneself with a sense of great enjoyment and accomplishment. Precision is key in terms of gameplay; make your jumps subtle and careful, and choose your entrance to the next tier accordingly, or you may find that you have betrayed your goal of an immaculate ninja performance. Good luck! — skyline356

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Fastest (-3)AGD

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I would submit an agd, but xaelars is insanly good, and it'll take me a while to get one faster than his. I don't think it was as much of a puzzle as you made it out to seem. The same idea was used a few times, I just needed to look at the map once for about 30 seconds to get the route down. It's a good action map though. Nice work, and congrats on the feature!
It got really bland. :/


skyline356 = yahoozy_wannabe

Totally awesome

nice idea, nice map, fun to play (over and over again :P) 5/5.

nice map

glad to see you're still making them


Good gameplay
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I didn't know this map was going to be featured! Woah. Yahoozy ftw :D
but here the way it's put into play seems to me akin to telling many different variations of the same joke (though that's entirely the fault of the idea itself). The puzzle aspect of it is very easy to figure out as well; it's interesting, but it feels like a gimmick.


faster after watching Msyjsm's demo
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1 second faster than Msyjsm
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Not a big fan

of the floorguards, otherwise, FAB

laties an' gentowmehn, may i prezzent gehtin' pwned in dah face
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All I can do

Flawless. I love it
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But I got bored after dying at the same place 7 times in a row...
Don't have time to play...



5aved; best feature in a long time, imo

Looks like

I came too early.

its fine

4/5, didt really cut it for me like other features. still good though.

first try.

I love it.
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Mysjsm's Demo

makes me a little ashamed in my attempt at Ninja. I desperately wanted to ride that thwump, but I just didn't have the guts. ;_;

Slow agd.

I take that back about the middle section, there's just the right amount of tension.

The tension is built perfectly throughout, each encounter with the gauss turrets a little more nailbiting than the the previous. The very final section under the last thwump is a massive relief to reach.

Faving this.
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Great map.

Would work really well as a late 0. The middle section around the terminal is a little over-complicated in relation to the rest of the map, but it doesn't take too long to adjust.


nice explorable map..
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very nice map

This. Map. Is.



This is unbelievable. Definitely not the first map to employ this trick, but I'd say the best one.

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I had the opportunity to play this level. Thankfully, the time spent playing it was well worth it. As a puzzle, it's Golden for me... and gameplay-wise, it's a classic (IMO). A bit skeptical on my comment, but I'll revise if needed. 4.


figures, i screwed up on the first try.

I think that this is the best route:
Here []

my first try

this is very cool. I will explore a little more.
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