Satinous S

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe easy-medium featured fun mine-jumper playable rated
Created 2008-08-31
Last Modified 2008-08-31
by 26 people.
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Description Not Satan

Mine jumper. Finally decided to make one. I aimed for it to be easy. I want to see some smooth speedruns or AGDs. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2008-09-10

This is a brilliant map. A soothing mine jumper with literally hundreds of little innovations possible. I loved this map becuase I looked at it from a highscoring prospective. Normally I can play a map little and decide around where the max is, and when I had done that the first time, I was dead wrong. It provides me a chance to play and to "Think Different." As a highscoring featurer this is exactly the kind of map I look for, a map this is not too hard, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative. This meets three of three standards for me. — cucumber_boy

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AGD - 1

I came back to this and it because much easier.
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On any of your maps did you just have "that feeling" that it was goiong to get rated and it does?

sooo close!
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Ok, thanks

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please.. []
ma first race

what a meany!

prolly spuzalot, or romaniac, they hate me :) i dont care tho its cool, im chill.. :)


sniped my maps? :(

I love this,

it's brilliant for highscores/speedruns.
Like I said, this is mainly for Highscore/speedruners.


I personnally don't think this should of been featured, average mine jumper in my opinion. There are many other Riobe maps that deserve to be featured instead of this. 3/5 Sorry :(

first try.

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I'll have to say, I'm jelouse, but this is is well-deserved.

My god, this looks fun


You're so good at this game. =D


If you want a competition, kk, go and beat this one. (187.525)

As for the map: 5aved, loving every single mine.
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frame by frame

In Ned, when you playtest without putting on caps.


I'm new to numa, but not to N. What is FBF again?
Good map by the way. The vertical climbs are what killed me.


this map was just an average mine jumper, with some interesting gold


but i don't see what's featurable about this. however, it's a definite five for gold placement. genius.
What happened to the good ole days?
I admit when using FBF in debug mode(see my latest map) and when highscoring at school - NReality does not work for me but I would expect that people will believe my demos to be legit because I have proved they are. In every other case I will submit it on NReality. Anyway, kk made an unnecessary rash accusation and I would be willing to be more understanding but when he says, "I never actually said that he did use FBF - I said I dont."

He is just burying himself deeper. Just apologise for jumping to conclusions and we can all forget this happened. Alright?


you heavily implied that he was using FBF, don't try and squirm out of it now. TRT's done nothing wrong here.


The map is lovely: When you find a decent flow it's super relaxing, good work!


I gotta say this is one of the best mine-jumpers I've ever seen. Nice job.


don't see...?


Good to see my feud with Arcangelo is well remembered. (I hesitate to call it a feud since he never responded to my rebuttal, probably because he is clearly intellectually inferior. :P)

I'll play this later...


i give up.


This is so nice<3


Another feature. =D
this whole deal is lame.




Just blinding accusing someone of FBFing demos simply cause he put a quicker demo than yourself might seem like joking to you but not to me.
When he says something baseless like that, does it matter whether he said it lightly or was he shouting off the rooftops?


Riobe then whispers,"atob, we need you!"
All he said was one little thing, he said it lightly, he might have even been joking.

Then you went off on him and started throwing your emotions all around the place.

Just chillax.


Are you really that dumb or do you just like to act that way?
The whole point of our argument was that you said that I FBF and I said that I don't. My beating your Nreality score just once itself was enough to prove that I don't FBF. Since when did it become a competition to find out who is better??
This is obviously your insecurity showing now that your accusation has been proved pointless. Learn to accept it when you have been proven wrong. How old are you again?

IRC quote:

<kkstrong> Me and TRT were playing this map, and competing
<kkstrong> and I start throwing around some trash talk!
<kkstrong> and so we begin competing
<kkstrong> then out of nowhere, I beat his demo by about 200 frames
<kkstrong> and he suddenly
<kkstrong> "doesn't care about the map anymore"


I thought you already said (inferred) that you didn't like it.

I didnt like it

the end killed me a total of 6 f***ing (censored due to minors who play) times!!!