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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 fun medium playable rated
Created 2008-09-15
Last Modified 2008-09-16
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description didnt turn out the way I had hoped.

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this sucks, yeah I know that it's the thought that counts but...
I dont think its too hard, especially compared to your maps.

Those chainguns

Are placed very well, or completely rubbishly. They kill you WAY too often, mostly because of the flow in the bottom section. Ill rate a 3.

op. forgot to rate

fix that.


thats the best most perfect demo ever.
Proud of you, Nicky is.

Completion Demo

eganic, this is for you. You NEED to watch this.
Demo Data

Its hidden.

behind one of those switches. He cries when you hit it (figuratively.)

where's your heart?

*ahem* ricky's heart.


Hes Ricky, a more hollowed out version of Nicky.


id do your avatar, but read it, i cannot. plus its yu-gi-oh. plus, make narts, i cannot :D

lawlz no kidding

thats so bad ass.