I see nothing!

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Author exuberance
Tags action author:exuberance concept playable rated seeker stealth
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
by 8 people.
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I see nothing, I know nothing, nothing! I know NOTHING!

This idea came from the same concept used in one part of my previous map:

I made a map like this before, but I accidentally copied another maps's data, getting rid of the data I had on the clipboard. Then I got clipX (search for it on so that won't happen again :D

This version is a bit harder, but I liked my other one better. Anyways, try to not be spotted by the drones.

Each room makes it harder to avoid being seen and makes it more probable that the drones will block the exit if they see you. If a drone sees you and goes into the right place, he'll follow the path of doom and block the exit so you can't complete the map! Be subtle, be stealthy. Just a blade in the crowd- wait, wrong game.

And now the time has come for me to SEE NOTHING! NOTHING!
TIPS in first post (darn character limit)

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Nice map.Tileset looked awkward but itself is very nice...Like the gameplay and drones overthere...4/5....

Looking back at this map, I wonder why I put 2 zap drones in each... thing... such that it accomplishes nothing that could be done with a single drone. I guess I wasn't thinking then. Slightly more distracting I guess, but I'd say that's a bad thing.


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Demo Data


I dedicated a map to you to thank you for playing my maps last night. Here's the link:


Great concept, you should post this again so people notice it.




I love hogsns heroes


good concept.
Demo Data

Looks kinda ugly

But I do like the concept.
The monocle actually urged me to play it.

Hints and Tips:

There's 3 things you can do to prevent the drones from ruining your victory (the first 2 are fairly obvious):

1. Stay behind the drone
2. Go by really fast
3. There are places where if the drone sees you, he will chase you, but won't go along the path of doom, but will instead just go back along his normal patrol, so there are some "safe" places.