Part II: The Epic Journey Awaits.

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player collab ep-mappack ep-riobe noitca rated
Created 2008-10-09
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 18 people.
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Description Part II in the series. Collaboration by Riobe and Erik-Player. It's really flowy throughout the level (Mostly riobe) which is accompanied by non-stop action (Mostly Erik-Player). So there you have it. AGD included.

Title says all.

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That journey

was pretty epic.
I kept dying on the mines. I don't usually do that.


pretty slow. Decent map, like an epic journey. But prts irritated me. 4/5
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Very cool map, I loved the length. Gold was a bit generic. Loved the launchpads and roomy atmosphere.

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me too

so, I see you bailed out on my avitar, eh, it's okay, If you want another one just let me know, you current one is cool too. I am now clabing with Riobe too, and It is comming out very well.

Thanks guys!

That's great! I just got back from an encounter.

i'm a

Christian too :)


Erik Player made a new map! And a good one at that, plenty of action. 4.

damn this is busy.

but a little claustrophobic.
I don't know why people argue about that. It's a busy map. I don't see that taking away from the map.

a little tedious

felt too object heavy, like you relied on them too much and not on the tiles or something, I don't really know =/



Avatar change

Caught you in the act. =P
Haha. That was nice.

Yes he is Zora

So combined we make a great team.

Nice work on that.

Easy for the better people, a good splash in the face for newer people. And Riobe is a flowy person.


So you don't like it? I wanted you to be acompanied most of the time.

Too much.


Faster AGD

Easily Beatable. =)
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Oh yeah,

Riobe, your right. That is the first one =).

Thank you.

Me and riobe put our minds together to make this happen. I'm really proud of this one.


Part 1 []

very amazing!!

so gret 5aved!!! if i was a reviewer this is the map to feature, :) amazing flow, amazing action, just amazing :)


Beat it.
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It's great. And long. I have yet to beat it. I love it anyway.