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Author Numby
Tags agd author:numby medium minejumper mines playable rated
Created 2008-10-17
Last Modified 2008-10-17
by 7 people.
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Description Yeah. RCE. :D

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Still super fun.
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This is a good map

but frustrating as hell XD
And yeah, the exit switch jump was a little much. 4/5

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This is super fun!
I love the aesthetics, the jumps, the gold overdosage, the length, the difficulty...

I had an AGD but I didn't record the demo ;_;
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Possibly one of the best demos I've ever recorded. Owned this level for a sub-800. Amazing, amazing level, Numby.
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Going back over my old favourites... this map is AMAZING. I know I've said it before. I love this map so much I went and got a sub-1000 AGD on it! Watch the demo. I'm very proud of it.
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screw going back lol 4/5 loved it :) i would fave but i cant.
AGB3D :)
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My heart's racing. That was a very exciting and intriguing map to play, and it never got boring. The only problem I had with it was, as so many have said, that exit key jump. It was just too much of a stretch. Only got it every once in a while. But still, managed an AGD which I'm very proud of even if it was quite slow. Great level overall. 4.5/5^.
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The rest was greatly atmoshperic but that was poor. 3.5 up


Without the jump for the exit key and the way back it would be a 5. They are too frustrating. Otherwise it would be awesome for speed AGDs.


Very fun little mine jumper. Delicate but never frustrating. Very stylish design as well.
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