The Sweet Death of the Harmonizers

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 chaingun lasers playable rated
Created 2008-11-05
Last Modified 2008-11-05
by 11 people.
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Description RCE.

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very fun


man u are good!


Altho honestly I though it was a bit long. 3.5


wow this was a challenging map but i liked it 10/10

You know

I made this map in less than 5 mins. I spent about 60 mins playtesting and adding gold/mines and editing a few tiles. =P
so i didnt look retarded


yet ugly, oh the irony.


i liked the gameplay, but it was ugly.

also dont like how you cant see the chaingun's wrath

Very nice

magirocker. If you guys want, remove the chaingun before playing then.
The lasers give it a cool feel, like, you don't know where you can go where they might hit you, but then when there happens to be a gap, BAM they come out and you have to get out of the way fast. The chaingun is more, oh wait, you're just jumping along and now you're dead =/

Still very nice, 4, and almost a 5 :)
Here's an AGD
Demo Data


I didnt mind the chaingun. It always missed me :D. It came close at the end go.. good level 4 from me
Demo Data
sometimes, it could fire through 2 holes with one charge, as opposed to the lasers.

I like it a lot

the gold placement was great and enemies were pretty good, and the tiles were nice, 4.

very cool

4averd would be 5, but no, did not like the chain gun, even though it didnt do much
counter-clockwise, death!!
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