70 Rockets

This map has been removed from listings by the author.

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 dda nonplayable rockets unrated
Created 2008-12-02
Last Modified 2010-11-26
Map Data

Description just what I have made so far, gonna save it here until I'm done with it. Also, please leave comments on where to go, what to improve, and other stuff. It is supposed to be a launchpad DDA.

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Can't believe I never thought of it earlier.

1578 frames

woot woot.

This has

the craziest close calls I've ever seen.
Let me know when you've finished it - I'd love to see the finished result!

still epic

one of my favorite ddas to date. nice work.


1217 Frames.


thanks minimap. If I finish, I'll save the finished product for my 200th map.


can't wait till it gets to 2000+ frames

Agree with Radium

too many launchpads
but really nice close calls

1054 frames :D

When I was editing

It made me submit a map and I can't edit this one
So here's the delisted supposed updated version of this DDA

70 Rockets []



Very very good.

Tons of close calls. One of the craziest rocket DDAS I've seen. The only thing I would suggest is adding thwumps, launchpads, bounceblocks etc.

987 frames.

About a little less than halfway done.
i couldn't even do that with 5 ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty nice! Whether you finish it or not, this is well done imo.

I get tired easily

This thing is boring to watch over and over again (adding another launchpad every 2-3 times watching it)


Lookin' good

you should finish this
your dda got me all hyper. like a roller coaster.


holy shith. Very important this shith... Girl you pass all, yeah is true.


crap. 5/5


Keep on truckin :P

U crazy mo fo

Thats some crazy shit man. Intense


nice comment.



841 frames.

About 8/20 = 4/10 = 2/5 the way there.


watch in debug mode 1 frame at a time.


710 frames. Still no cheat death.


428 frames.


you're fucking good at that man, cant wait to see the end results.


That's a lot of rockets.
It's really nice so far - if you can manage to get it to 2000 frames while still keeping the lag managable, this will be a great DDA.


thanks. it looks so much better in fbf. 2000 frames of that would certainly earn a top 5 from me.

Watch it in fbf

that way, you can't really lag because you will go one frame at a time.

this dda has about half as many rockets []
this kind of ruins the effect. any chance you could make it about 20 rockets instead of 70? i do appreciate the incredible close calls though. maybe my computer is just having a bad day and i will watch this with my jaw on the floor tomorrow.

I'll try

thanks Romaniac.