The Day My Lava Lamp Exploded

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-10-07
Last Modified 2005-10-07
by 10 people.
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Description A difficult, fast paced, smooth level...

This map is quite hard- at least for my gameplay style- but I do like the sweeping sort of a feeling you get from this map.

You can cheat quite easily, and cut off most of the level- I'm aware of this. However, if you do this, you miss a ton of gold, and you're only cheating youself. ;-P

(Ye gods... an emoticon...)

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Not to be malicious or anything, I just don't love it so much anymore. Wonderful map, though.

; _ ;
I had an urge to come back and play this thing the other night. I think it has something to do with it being awesome.



i didnt mean this map was bad either. ill stop digging myself deeper now, ok.....


no i dont really mind it, dont know why though, maybe i should mind, nah, but maybe i shouldnt treat your maps' comment section like a forum...anyway my point was that you have made some of the best ever maps anyone will ever see, ever... and its pretty darn hard to top that with every new map you put out...
This time can be improoved to. I think this is the best route though.
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but I don't think that just because a map isn't my best, is shouldn't be posted...


Just messing with you, man, I appreciate the comment, I didn't take any offence from it, man.
By the way, man, don't you hate it when people randomly and condescendingly call you "man"?


awesome, tough level formica. 4/5, i dont think its your best though..


One section repeated- this time can definately be improved upon.
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