Blocky Curve 2 - Spiral

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 blocky chume curve nart rated spiral
Created 2009-01-02
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description This is fun. Again playable Nart. I like this possibly as much as any map I've made so far. Please don't complain about the lag if thats bothering you what were you expecting half the time I spent on this map was just trying to decrease that so honestly I tried my hardest. Hope You enjoy. Tried to address the issues people had with the original but if you still don't like it please explain why rather than just rating bad thanks.

Forgot to mention this map is a follow up to the first map below

The series so far

Blocky Curve []

Blocky Curve 2 - Spiral []

Blocky Curve 3 - Thwump Spiral []

Blocky Curve 4 - Two Face []

Blocky Curve 5 - Mobius []

Might help if your wondering why or how I did this

no. 12

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Cheat run

Demo Data

This is fun!

It's too bad about the unreachable key; I would've liked to see some nice NReality runs on this. Oh well though, it's still neat. :D




on the nomination. These were fun maps.

this is a dronies nominations, and it's got my vote ;]

Awesome thumbnail

I'm not even trying to play because of the lag...XD


loved spinning around...
until I got dizzy...

I like how you can actually go halfway up the spiral without jumping, though then you die from falling after the first loop
If you could allow me to try the software you used to make this. It would aid greatly.


... are you bored?


you are hilarious


How much this lagged was making me laugh so hard. It got up to over 1900ms/f! lol

fix it.

the door key is NaNed
good, 4/5


Demo Data

Very Nice

I got going really fast at the end but the door opener stupidly went above the map (again...and again thils happens to me)

NICE 3-D FX!!!

cool map, (hate to spam like everyone else is but) the door key sorta need to be fixed...

otherwise 5/5!!!!


the 3-d effect is cool. 4/5

I love watching

This load, 5aved


It looks like an MC Escher drawing.





but yeah; the exit key is NaN'd. :]


you just made my night haha. It's funnier because it went over everyone's heads.


4 is very good for me I'm happy with that

It's okay

it's still rated highly anyway :>

I know this

isn't really the place but if its something like that you should be able to change it but I can see why they don't want people getting rated for a map and then just changeing it to spam or something but if you got an admins permision or something. Quite annoying but oh well.
There were only 4 rates when I started that comment.

It loaded a lot faster than I expected and was less laggy than I thought it would be. I like watching it load, and the surrounding tiles are cool too.

To fix the problem with the exit switch, just load the map in the editor, delete the current exit door, and replace it. I did that for you here [].

you are door key

ask yourself "am i door key?"


about the door key will check more carefully next time can't edit it now

hey Riobe

you are door key.


This is awesome and really fun, but the second time I go down, I exploded :/


Once a map is rated, it can't be edited.


Trying to solve the door key problem
Pretty nice.
I still really like it, even if you can't get completed. I recommend you fix it though.

demo test

probably wont work, and if it doesn't can someone please tell me why
Demo Data

How do I

fix it
I'm just saying that this is certainly good, but n-arts tend to get rated way too highly imo. I don't give n-arts 5's unless they're as good as that zebra that was up for 33 hours. Believe me, this is really good, it's just not stunning, that's all. Are there going to be more blocky curves?
...maybe my Nreality just shot the door switch offscreen. Your thumbnail has it. Weird.