05~2: Love Removal Machine

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt gtmap-pack hard minejumper short unrated
Created 2009-01-22
Last Modified 2009-05-14
Map Data

Description Just because you feel it, doesn't mean it's there...

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I'm all for a collab. Like you said, you'll start.
Why not? :|

Oh well.


Sub-700 AGD is possible. :P

Nice map. Short and sweet. Gameplay is interesting and the visuals are bootyful. 4/5
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The tileset and mine placemtn was incredible.

The gold was good but that pattern didn't seem to suit all that well. :P



no rates, I forgot....again.

faved anyways.


then I was like, this isn't even close to a sub 700...

I love the map anyways, simple is always my favorite.

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very fun, great work! especially the gauss

Nice map 4

btw I wrote my second review.
Do you want me to pm it to you?
I sent them both to

ooh ooh pick me

i rce'd already

First try agd

and death, the sniper was placed perfectly and so were the mines, great
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love id adster
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No... god no.

A rocket would massacre this. Also, the tiles are meant to be hearts broken by the titular machine. And the jumping from left to right replicates the indecision and confusion faced by both parties after the machine. Oh, and ad's contribution to society too.

nice map


and i didn't understand the comment you left on my map...

Haha Ad.



Okay, but not great. There needs to be *spice* here or something, you get what I mean? I like the tiles and the placement of the mines, but there is no real strong theme here, just a jump to the left then the right. Flows together real well, is lacking. Maybe a rocket would be better than a gauss...
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150 Speed

Demo Data

Whoops, forgot demo

Also, may or may not include this in the map pack, depending on feedback. Expect edits to be made.
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Oh, come on.

Get out.

Sub 800 agd

Again, if sub 700 is possible, this would have made a cool submission into the short maps contest.