Doughnut Party

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 jumper playable rated
Created 2009-02-04
Last Modified 2009-02-04
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description A couple pieces of gold can't be THAT HARD to get, right?

Name partly thanks to PNI,Pixon, whatever he likes to be called.

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VERY intense map

4.5 + agd!
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Oh yea

PixMadAtMibbit as well.
That was really nice.


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It is possible, but I can't seem to play today, and I have a headache, and every noise around me is very irritating.

So favorited for a time when I'm actually able to play well.


I'm 100% sure it is possible to get an AGD. I just suck and when I got all the gold, I tried to go off the tile, holding right to get to the exit.....I missed it. So close to an AGD

Yeah, NReality doesn't save death demos so yeah...

Dammit Meta...

2 more frames.

Yeah, AGD is kinda tough. I just got the bottom 8 pieces in one go, but died. So technically, re-playtested again for full AGD and it is possible. I just can't get an AGD in one go.
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Actually, no

I'm going to improve my speedrun first.

NOW i'll go for an AGD.
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Heh. ._.

AGD next.
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but AGD requires patience, balance, and some skill. But it's only a FEW PIECES, RIGHT!?!?!?


I like your maps alot, you put alot of thought into them, and make two completely different atmospheres and gameplay for agd and speedrun, nice work, I had alot of fun trying to do better everytime
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4.5^ because of the concept and the fact that it was executed well :P


The trampolines were supposed to launch you off screen.

Very creative

but were the bottom and top launchpads supposed to be teleporters? If so, I don't think they work...
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And you also go by just Pix.
Epyx, Epyxey, Pixon_My_Nixon and many more.

agd was hard

but i love the map