Outside the box [ short ]

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 box chume drone experimental outside rated
Created 2009-03-10
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description So this is a shortened version of a really long concept map I'm posting latter just wanna get some feedback, see if its cheat-able and provide something for people who don't want to play the whole long thing based on a box of drones its fun enjoy

Also any use of outer walls or floor is a felony and punishable by moral disapproval. Edit: I've now made it so doing so is lethal

Title inspired by cheesemongers comment here

no. 30

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My demo was the fastest! Yay!


5aved. Here's a cheated demo.
Demo Data

Nice concept!

Love the drone pathing.
Demo Data

This was my route

Because there's no time to get the bottom gold, it wasn't as good as Meta_Ing's demo in highscore mode. It comes very close, though (down to .1 second), and it is much better frame-wise.
Demo Data
This took a while, though part of that was trying to get my own route to work out.
Demo Data


haircut please...

5/5 make a long one please!

Just so

you know, I made a new survival using nreality here [], I was thinking of developing it into a proper map.
Also, I don't mean to press you (well actually I do), but I'm going on holiday next week, so if you give me your feedback on the maps I pmed you before monday that would be great.


pmed the map data for playtesting to you on the forums.
Oh, and...
I want a hair cut coupon.

In case

you didn't see my message on the forums, I was wondering whether you'd be up to playtesting some levels from my upcoming mappack?
Please reply soon, thanks!
but i just wanna say i dont blame you for quitting TLA.


I know you'll be interested, here's a link to my new survival []

Nice map, i like its that a word? Like each jump confines you to a small area.


I love the thumb. play it tomorrow.


this is awesome.
love the train of drones that actually do their job :D
aside from the whole, 'maneuvering the drone train' concept, which has been done a lot before this, and probably before buddylee.

so, I approve of this map :)
It will help me make the final one more cheat proof

Also I've now seen that map
I honestly hadn't seen it before I came up with this on my lonesome I think as you said the two maps are very different though in that the square always returns to the same place


It has been done before, I look forward to what you can do with it.
Can't wait for the 'epic' you're promising us.

Faster AGD

Sub-1000 by skipping a trapdoor switch.
Demo Data

Here ya go

that's more about beating the drones, this is about moving them where you need them to go. It's similar, though.

Fastest on NReality so far. Tantamount to Paramouncy (that's the name, I think) was your inspiration, wasn't it?
also magirocker no I haven't actually heard of that map can you give me a link I do hope they didn't come up with the idea first
it reminds me of it, a lot. except that ones really racey, in this one you have time.

I think the good concept was executed greatly :)

Still cheatable

You could try something like this []...
Demo Data

Ok compromise

I put mines behind the walls and floor they should make it lethal without ruining the look of the map. I know they are hidden enemies but since there is a warning in the description I think its fair. Please check its not cheat-able now Meta_Ing


Pretty fun map. More fun when you don't use the walls or floor. =P

Demo Data


Didn't see that part of the decription about the walls and floors.

It's still an easy, cheatable way, though. =/

ahh meta_ing

no outer walls or floor use is allowed see description (I knew It would be cheat-able using them but I didn't want to cover them in mines) but thanks anyway


Here's the cheatable and easy way.

AGD soon.
Demo Data



at the moment

5 but it never lasts

Two votes!?

Whats its average?
The harder way
Demo Data



That is such a cool concept.
Demo Data

Slow route agd demo

The easy way
Demo Data