Pathological 1 - By Roads and Rivers

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume pathological rated rivers roads
Created 2009-02-28
Last Modified 2009-11-29
by 20 people.
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Description Cool fun little map I made for concept map challenge 2 (round 1 Minimalism) although I don't know if it will be included as its a day late. Its bot race meets squeeze map in a deceptively simple smoothie.

Edit: it was included hooray and it came 4th out of 19 which is good I'm happy with that =)


Pathological 1 - By Roads and Rivers []
Pathological 2 - Moondog Accelerator []
Pathological 3 - Nefarious Circuitry []

no. 28

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fbf of course
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Good squeeze map.

Nice timing with the drone. I like the hidden thwumps :).
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My map...

Was based on your map...


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Should've posted this 3 months ago.
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It's great.

Love the look. Faved.

Thanks guys

@Velocirooster I assume you mean top left but yes that was supposed to be an extra challenge just to make it a bit more interesting and cause I wanted the map to contain gold but still be minimalist. If you want to play it there is a more recent one Pathological 2 which I'm very proud of


I loved 95% of this map, but I really hated the top right. It was just a little bit too awkward to get those pieces of gold. I plowed through here much faster a bunch of times, but this was the only time I got through the top so I'll call it good enough. Still a good map though, and I loved the concept you worked with. 4/5
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edit mode.

same thing.
and it was the 3rd drone crossing i think.


in my first demo, i get past that drone.
to fbf, take off capslock when in debug.

Just in case

you haven't seen yet, I made your DED (don't know how to hyperlink here yet):


awesome awesome awesome


to make your DED the next survival level I make.
So keep your eyes peeled.


for the first one you were dead as far as I could see

for the second nice cheat I originally put a trapdoor in so you couldn't do that but then I changed the path a little and forgot to put it back in and then when I realized I couldn't edit but very good though

nooby question how do you fbf


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i should be dead.

look at that part in fbf.
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Thanks Gforce

and who just rated this like a couple of minutes ago

Fast non-agd

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you do have to be going quite fast to beat him to that point but it is also possible to cross behind him there and make up the distance on the strait =)

Always die here

Awesome map, 5
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and the theme was minimalism thats why there isn't much gold I just wanted to make a normal route and a slightly harder agd route thats all

Whoa it's weird

but somehow fun at the same time. Squeezing through the tiles really wasn't that hard once you got used to it. A little more gold would've been nice, though. Low 4/5
but I'll check it out later today :)

haha thanks

could you rate guys cause I'm falling of hot maps

Im the wirst!!!

Sure gods, To show you how much i suck in these levels this demo. (no offence first try, and i'm not such a good N-player)
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That's as far

as i can get. I hate these kinds of maps.
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its fun

but i suck at these 4/5

and hey can you look at my last map it needs one more rate. and about to be kicked off the hot page


could be faster
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