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Author chume14
Tags 2 action author:chume14 chume puzzle q rated
Created 2009-02-04
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 9 people.
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Description Thanks and ded to Krashio for the tiles.
This is sort of a sequel to the original Q []
See my conversation with Krashio there to understand
I had quite a lot of trouble with it having never used someone else's tiles or objects before it was really hard to fit my ideas round the tiles without being able to edit them but I quite like the finished product its a kind of action-puzzle type thing. Its quite hard so if your stuck watch the demo

no. 22

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hard, but cool



Does not look like a Q, but besides that it was great. 4/5 I love all your maps even though they are too hard for me. Any tips on making good maps? All of mine are really bad, they are kind of a joke with my friend, but thats beside the point.


nice and fast, I couldn't get back in though.

Nice , 4/5?

Quite difficult,

Fun, but a little too restricted for my liking. 4/5.




looks great 4/5 for that
and play - ups and downs. a bog-standard 3/5

i'll give a 3.5^ :)

Thanks for RCE'ing my map too :D
one of mine to but I haven't got round to writing a list of them yet there would probably be a few and I'd worry about leaving people off. Your really good at using other peoples tiles I could probably learn a thing or two from you cause I found making this really hard not to change tiles see description be sure to rce when you get back I'll rce your latest =)

read my profile!

will play this after i have tea! :D

Thanks woojelly

I coolio is cool


too haard for me but i suck at n. 4 and i WILL rate this time lol


top door
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