Save the Snake [easy]

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume experimental puzzle rated save snake
Created 2009-01-19
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 12 people.
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Description This is a concept map play before rating!

This is the easy version of save the snake

N got a snake for christmas but it got trapped at the bottom of this page. Now he is on a mission to set it free and bring it home.

If you still don't get it see demo

This is a modified easy version because the original was hard I will submit the hard version latter when its finished but if you like the concept but think this one it too easy/boring/slow then check that one out

Edit: as little interest was show in this one I don't think I'll bother finishing the hard one unless someone asks

no. 19

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Cool :3

You could have made an exit door to make this a bit more interesting, but it's still fun.
What are those crazy little dots? Lol they're funny ;]


negative time...

awesome map, 5/5


lol nvr thought off using glitch drones that way..
genius! 10/5


I'll think about working on that hard one it was almost done when I gave up on. Rikanja I think you have a good point there that was a major floor with this one.


That is all I have to say.

Make the hard one!

I'll give you an E-cookie...


I, for one... what the?
This is ridiculous! Five! And a favorite. Your my favorite map maker, to be sure.

Thank you

this didn't get as much feedback as some of my others but I'm glad you like it


fun, i like it 5/5/5


there is a book like that called "carry it on" but about like you would help someone out and they had to help 3 other people ect it really happened I think. Its a good idea I'd be up for it I certainly try to comment on 1 map for everyone who comments on my maps some people may find it hard to keep up if their popular or they might just not do it if their a dick but maybe you should just make it 2 other maps anyways good Idea do you have a forum account if so start it as a topic if not get 1 or I'll start it and credit you if you want =)


Idea, when you rate someones map, ask them to rate three other maps! THINK OF THE RATINGS!

Starting with this

It was ok, a little slow for my liking. the concept is funny though, i decapitated the snake!


intense speech was great, i have realised what you mean, and will apply it to my newest jumper. TyVm for the advice though,would you like to rce my maps if i rce yours?
Let's try 5 first.

you could had

used a bit lesser amount of "snake", it laggs for me and therefore, NR

AGD demo

No door you just have to get the snake home
Demo Data