Naughts and Crosses

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume crosses naughts puzzle rated
Created 2009-01-15
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 53 people.
Map Data

Description Or tick tack toe to some people
Warning! read before playing.

How to play
1) The AI (Crosses) is to play first move right to generate its first move.
2) Once the AI has played decide which square you (Naughts) want to go in and see the number of mines below it.
3) Travel down the tunnel which has this number in gold at the top collecting all possible keys in it.
4) This will place your move and generate the AIs next move.
5) Follow the tunnel and repeat the process of choosing your move.
6) If the computer beats you at naughts and crosses you should be killed else you should make to the door.

This is complex and loads slow. However it is one of the most advance logic concept maps ever built on N and I hope you enjoy it it was a lot of work. It would help me if you could inform me about any bugs.

Contains 1436 hand placed doors

Links to the now delisted incomplete versions

1 []
2 []

no. 17

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It took me about 15 tries until I FINALLY got a "cat's game." Amazing how you had his planned out.


686 frames on Nreality speedrun ^.^


Oh cool!

Awesome version of N tic tac toe. :D
Sadly, none of the Nreality versions work still. Lag has been cut to 1/2, but still moves each frame 1 per second.

It's cheatable. See demo.
Demo Data


Actually brilliant. I can't get over it. We need to get it featured!

Demo Data


5AVED!!!! FOR! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Draws Win

Which is useful because I cant beat this thing :/


really cool.


I won.
Demo Data


i just made it flawless!!!!

if i could

that is sick



@player_3 thanks yes Its got some serious lag which will hurt old computers more than new ones and thanks for the tip on cheat a couple of other people noticed that but sadly its no longer editable0
@ ScruffySurprise and woojelly thanks thats some serious compliment I thought you might like it
...but this level runs really slowly, even in FBF mode. I was going to make a glitch demo, but I guess I won't be able to.

In the first section, it is possible to trigger a switch and get back out by walljumping. The only easy fix that I can think of is using a launchpad instead.
Ur logic is unreal!! lol
hahaaa!!! that is seriously the best level i have played on this!


Demo Data


I'm working on producing another popular childhood logic game as a kind of sequel


has GOT to be the best map EVER lol


COMPUTER generated demo, glitched it LOL
Demo Data


tis cool. you didn't rate "Stay Posotive"

cool thanks

please check out my latest

now THAT

5aved. I don't think I've ever seen anything this unique.


maybe I was talking about it being beatable as a n level but maybe some people meant it like that and I misunderstood if so my bad
they mean they cannot win the game on naughts and crosses. As in, they cannot line up three circles and win. It is not possible. The closest you can get is a tie. unless you cheat, like me ^^


Just wow. I didn't think anything this complex was possible in N. And even though I'm usually praised for my programming/logic skills, I kneel before your genius.

Oh my...

incredibe ingenuity involved, seriously, you placed 1436 doors? This is a great concept, perhaps placing a miniature version into a playable map should be next?
Completion, second try.
Demo Data


you finished it! 5aved!

i tied with the computer. neither of us won.
Demo Data


Originally I didn't think I needed to post a demo but some people were thinking it was unbeatable when clearly it is. Its pretty much all in making the right first 2 moves which is easy if you've played the real game a bit.


without looking at ur demo
5aved btw
Demo Data


Bug finder :D

PS: Is it possable to win withour cheating?
Demo Data


It's obvious a lot of work has gone into this:
How did you keep it all straight?


That's some impressive shit right there. I am SO amazed you managed to conceptualize this. Definite 5/5.

You should

make another version, refine it a bit.
Stick to the same structure but you could make it a lil prettier, remove unnesecary stuff, prevent cheating etc.