Regular Devision of a Plane

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume escher mc plane rated
Created 2009-01-08
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 10 people.
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Description Love this tile-set its a tribute to my favorite MC. The level is adventure style and quite tricky enjoy. Feel free to reuse these tiles if you want (credited). As regular devision of a plane it doesn't really work very well as the spaces between are supposed to make shapes as well but thats too hard for me. Still a fun map hope it gets some attention I'll be impressed if anybody can manage agd but its definitely possible.

no. 16

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As an Escher fan, I must say that this isn't near the quality of his work. But the concepton is is executed as well as it could I guess.

Got to here.

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Oh, wow

This is getting a tileset of the year nod from me; but yeah, l_d summed it up.

chume wins

nuff said

Nice tileset

but the map is too hard

Amazing tileset.

But thats it.

No thats

a problem a lot of people have had I think I should have made it easier live and learn


i love the tileset :p too hard for me coz i suck at n


difficult i must say, the 2nd gauss was well placed. I found several of the mine jumps difficult, as you will see in my demo. The tileset is interesting though, and it works well with the style of the action you placed into it. 3/5.
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ha ha

good title indeed


I'm naming my next map that.

Fair enough

I do think 2 is overzealous
just offering my opinion and being constructive :P Most of your maps are pretty cool; I just didn't like this one


but maybe it should be easier

And no problem :P

If you don't want things to get NaN'd, make sure you don't press enter at any point when saving it to a txt/word file

Okay, after playing

First off, this map is incredibly hard considering its length; it was simply too frustrating to make most people complete it imo. Other than mines, it's not a good thing to place objects halfway in tiles. Even worse is placing an enemy nearly completely in the tiles (thwump). The fact that the map got harder as it went along was a good concept to follow, but the difficulty was too high to begin with. The tiles were nice: no problems there. Unfortunately though, I give this a 2/5 in the end.


Maxson edited that out so it should be ok now. I hate NAN but nowadays I place my gold last so its dosn't completely ruin the level when it happens like blocky curve 2. Its really helpful for people to tell me quick like that so I can change it before the map gets rated so thank you very much
NR yet, I have yet to finish playing.


amazing work, very very nice tileset!! love the lasers, very good enemy choices/placement, wasn't really a fan of the locked doors, but it made it more fun so I forgot about it, great work though! 5/5