Blocky Curve 3 - Thwump Spiral

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 blocky chume rated spiral thwump
Created 2009-01-05
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 44 people.
Map Data

Description The things I like most about this map is that you get to see the spiral from 3 different angles when you run underneath it and also the end getting to the door is not too tricky it you play it right but there are many ways to do it. So I guess this it the 3rd in what has unwittingly become a series. Used the same program as before replacing 1s with 8s and ! with ,1! if you follow that if you don't no worries. It was very laggy and to similar with the whole curve though as well as probably impossible though so I downsized and tried to make a decent map out of it. It shouldn't be too laggy now.

If you haven't seen the precursors to this they explain a lot so here they are will update this as and when.

The series so far

Blocky Curve []

2 - Spiral []

3 - Thwump Spiral []

4 - Two Face []

5 - Mobius []

no. 13

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o_0 []


there aren't as many thwumps as bounce blocks in part 2 of the series, this is even better
amazing thwump effect, just like a ceiling out of coming down...
no big question, 5/5

This is soo cool

But a bit to much lag :(

Its really funny

because my computer lags and the thwumps change shape when they go back up


greenblack I did that a couple of times testing it in and out quick thats the trick


Demo Data

I love

those thwumps babeeeeeee!!!!!!
4 faved

this is great


great curves man



and a cool demo
Demo Data


amazing i think. looks cool
Allways Lag on a Map that Would Have Absolutely No Lag lol its rediculus ,, No Lag Here


for all the useful feed back and linking help I've done that now

Man oh man

I despised all movement within the tiles. It wasn't fun at all to me and it took a really long time to go anywhere. It's a shame for me because, as comments have highlights, the thwump spiral is some of the coolest shiznit ever. No lag here, boys :D
And maxson is right: Moving blindly through the lag-storm is awesome. 5aved for the amazing looks, concept, and well, everything. I await #4!




It's so much fun seeing the thwumps looking like they moved places when you run underneath them. lol


Fun! and very crazy! haha
Demo Data


slow and laggy. but AWESOME. 4/5
Demo Data
Trying to actually play the level while the thwumps are moving: it's so cool to try and blindly move around at 1338 ms/f XD 5aved



If this didn't lag.

It would be one of my favourite maps ever.

You really

have something going for yourself with these spirals. Each map like this you do is much better than the previous. I hope the series continues. 5aved.

Very cool

What Riobe said.
And I wanted to try something:



What Riobe said.

or not

nevermind, just use what riobe put =]


forgot that would happen when i used the brackets...yes, i mean ""...i hope this one works

Very Nice

made a good looking curve in an enjoyable, fun map. This is an excellent map, although the curve messes up after the first drop. 5/5! great work. love the tileset and the money blocks!


design, but WAY too hard for me.

When hoohah says ""

He means [

to make a link:

(url=link)what you want the link to say(/url)

except replace the "()" with ""


Most of the thwumps don't return to their original position once you run under them, but they do continue moving from the original spot once you run under them again.


...And then they return to those weird positions again.


My description was too long. Tried to make a good appropriate tile set for this hope you appreciate. The gold is behind blockys not to hide it just because It ruined the aesthetics otherwise and I think that adds an interesting challenge for those who want it. Please post your thoughts on this map and its playability I've made sure no NAN'd doors this time so it surely dose work.