Translational invariance

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume invariance race rated translational trapdoor
Created 2009-01-27
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 15 people.
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Description So this is my first race and my 20th map however be careful this run can take 2 paths left or right you mission it to find which is fastest route 1 (left) or route 2 (right) and which is more fun.

Warning! most of people are having problems finding the flow in some places or thinking the trapdoors kill you try it a bit first but before commenting please see the demos there shouldn't be any of that if your playing it right.


no. 21

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Demo Data

Route 2.

Demo Data

Route 1.

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That was unusual!
I don't have time to play all of it but so far, the route on the right is really cool!

i've gone through

half your maps how many ratings now?


one of the coolest race maps i've seen. Now i have to quit, but i'll check out the rest of your maps some other day ;]

No, I meant

that right was easier, for me anyway

No, I meant

that right was easier, for me anyway

At first

this map looked alot like my race maps. It actually really is similar, the design of it. You might wanna take a look at some of my recent races, you might be able to get my point.
Perhaps it's because of that, but i still like this map. It took me too long to figure out that i had to go right, and I liked the floor guard placements, and some other object placement I don't feel are needed to go into. 3.5/5 (4).
btw, you forgot to actually rate this [], assuming you intended to.
went left and it wasn't completion thanks though this was my first race flow will hopefully get better.
it cuts lag by ALOT,
and you can make really cool mods.
For Nreality mods to work, you need the latest version of Nreality, from:
Without the latest version it won't work.
When you run the exe. you have to wait at the main menu.
Look at the top left corner of the window, and wait for the words : "transparent update complete"
Then you can start modding!
(Note, you will have to wait for transparent update to load every time you launch the exe.)
(also note, you better save often, as Nreality has a tendency to crash when run too long)
You can get a really detailed list of mods here:
Happy REality!


You might want to work on your flow a bit. Completion (right)
Demo Data


(laughing about your latest comment on the n jump bounce thing :p)


you too didnt rate on my bounce block/ jump thing but i guess thats what i get for forgettiing to do yours first time



Thanks can you

rate please


You may know that I LOVE race maps and this is no exception.
The different routes are genius and the starting is awesome. Although on the left room i cant get past that mine on the sticking out bit so i just deleted it. cheating i know but what can ya do! 4/5

Truly Epic

Ty. goodnight!
Demo Data
its what causes the nan I will post a full explanation on that map


When you said not to hit enter after the NAN what did you mean


but if you found the right routes there's only 1 situation where you would have to stop and go back and thats a tiny bit at the end of route 2 see my demos but thanks anyway
but the flow was interuppted alot like having to stop and go back etc..
4/5 though :D


i disliked all the propulsion. Wether the whole idea was the propulsion or not. NR.
Demo Data


Thats the design on the right side you have to make it round before the thwump its like your racing the thwump and on the left side your racing the bots for the last bit it makes sure the map can't be done slowly also if you are running fast enough in the right direction none of the trapdoors can kill you see my demos

oh, and you owe me

an RCE...


I just have two problems with this map.

a) The left path has to be timed perfectly to work...
i.e. the traps kill you.

b) It is very hard to catch the thwump on the way to push you through the bounceblocks on the right path.

Otherwise, its a great map! 4/5

omg that's so funny

I thought my comment on this map but I didn't post it, okay so I really like the two paths, the right way was more fun than the left way imo. and I kept hitting the mine on the left way :/ but it was fun, fast and flowy

Route 2

demo. Slow same reason as last
Demo Data

Route 1

demo. This is slow I did have sub 600 demos but I had to make a couple of last minute changes so I have to do them again
Demo Data
for q map was away for the weekend and left my charger though so give me a couple more days but I'm on it it should be good

You doing Q Map?

4/5 for nice race map! =)