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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume kra q rated short
Created 2009-01-23
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 13 people.
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Description Sweet and Short map.

I noticed to short maps competition to late to enter but that's probably a good thing as I've never made a short map before and it probably takes some practice to get into. I thought I'd give it a go anyway just as an experiment it my own ability and this is what I came up with. Basically a lot of people post maps in the shape of letters and numbers and I don't generally like them very much the tend to be (tend to be I have seen a couple of good ones) very unoriginal. However I don't like to criticize unless I can do better so here my attempt it is

- Based on the queens of the stone a Q logo (innuendo as standard)
- A KRA (I love KRA's)
- Complete-able in the competition 700 frames (probably)
- Not cheat-able (hopefully this time)

This is a re-sub as the first one had some design floors which made it very cheat-able

no. 20

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and my first thought was "Sperm. Egg."

So it isn't too bad! :D

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Demo Data

Yet slightly faster

Demo Data


I usually don't like KRAs, but this one was easy enough to be fun. 4.

Oh, sorry.

I think I misread the description a wee bit ;) No problem... carry on then! ^^
Nice map :) 4/5 - could've been a bit longer for my taste ;)
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I really fell in love with this map
Demo Data


I phail so hard. Check out MY newest map!
Dude this was actually really good. with a tad of gold, it would have been even better. 5aved
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Firstly look more closely to get the hidden meaning in the q (if you still don't get it see my lower comments and the link to the queens of the stone-age original. Second I do do interesting tile-sets see but in this one I was trying to copy some minimalist album art again see below so that wouldn't work. Finally this map is a short map inspired by the short maps competition which necessitates its shortness and simplicity it is not an example of the standard kind of map I make. All the same thanks for you useful comments on this and several of my other maps I'll check out some of yours.

Nice one dude

This has vastly improved since the last version. 4/5

1 thing

That would improve all your maps. You need a atmoshperic tileset. Though you can't help it on this map, I'm just saying it here as it is your latest map now. I'm gonna go play yer other maps.

Join the Metanet The Real N Forums. There's quite a few tileset contests on up there, I've started two myself, one of which has failed miserably. You'll be judged on yer tilesets and can improve. :P

This map is beyond simplicity, or should I say before? I mean that it is really simple. Really simple and fun to speedrun. Though the map itslef doesn't have any qualities other than the Q tileset which can be touched up. And a plain Q isn't as interesting as a portrai of someone or something.

2.5^ to 3.

No probs! =)

Yep I make maps

slow though so You might have to wait like a week for it to be finished I'm on it though I'll post the link on one of your maps when I'm done and credit you thanks by the way =)

Lol, You Know The Updated Version I Made Hasn't Been Done Before...? ( That We Know Of )

O I didn't know

It had been done before honest

The Map I Done For You Is Your's Too Keep You Can Use It Any Time. =)

i had already

played this before you told me too, but i think its fun. 4/5, actual rate 3.6 because this has been done before.

Rozer you saw

the original do you think this is much better?


Demo Data

I Have Redone The "Q"'s Outer Suroundings And Made A Few Nifty Tileset Art Parts, I Made It Have A Space Ship Game Feel To It, Hope You Like It! =)

I Rate This Map, 5/5! =)

Thanks Krashio

slightly faster demo
Demo Data

Ok, i will repost it and show you what i have done, i have redone the "Q" A Tiny Bit And Made The Map Bigger!
But I died clumsily after I got the exit switch.

do please rate

and I'm surprised there has been no demos yet

The Q

Is based on a queens of the stone age logo/album cover see description or link to the original image below


that Q looks odly familiar to something :D


very fun, good work!

Ok i will be done in a min

Yeay go for it

that would be very helpfull

Well, Is It Ok If I Edit It And Show You What Tileset I Had In Mind? And Add Some Emenies!
see how it would still look like that if I made it wider I tried to stay true to the original image to get that meaning across but I will try no offense to your intelligence meant

I know

That's why I referred to it as the "tail"

You do

realize its a sperm right maybe that didn't translate very well here's the original image
I'll have a look at seeing if making the tail playable is possible
It's not playable atm, but maybe if you made it bigger and made it like a gauss room or something if the player wants the gold. Drones could work too, if the space is big enough.

Thank you krashio

that one of the nicest comments I've ever got I'll be sure to check out some of your maps. When you say work on it do you have anything particular in mind

Featured? No

But it was clever; I couldn't figure it out at first because the doors blend in with the one-ways. :P It would've been nice if there was some gold, though. 3.5/5

I Think This Should Be Featured, If You Added A Little More Work To It! But, Hell Yeah! Its A 4/5 From Me!


hopefully this is not gonna go so badly. Here is a slow demo again
Demo Data